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About RejuvaLyft™?

Similar to a “quick- lift facelift, but WITHOUT surgery. In just one visit, we can reverse the signs of aging. Using FDA approved dermal fillers, collagen stimulant enhancers and neurotoxins or the patient’s own fat, through a minimally invasive fat-transfer procedure, performed in our state-of-the art medical spa, by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

In addition, we’ve added additional services that will smooth, tighten, and refresh the skin, leaving you with rejuvenated, natural and longer lasting results!

Why RejuvaLyft™?

  • RejuvaLyft™ is unique in the way that we customize each service to meet the individual’s facial rejuvenation and aesthetic needs, artistically refining your image down to every last detail.
  • After your initial, in-depth consultation, RejuvaLyft™ can be done with one visit to our relaxing medical spa.
  • Performed by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and our team of medical aestheticians.
  • Immediate, natural appearing, long lasting results.

What are the benefits of RejuvaLyft?

  • Restores dimension to the cheeks, lips and brow areas
  • Adds fullness and a more youthful appearance to the lips and cheeks
  • Rejuvenates skin tones
  • Revives and tightens skin sagging and laxity of the face and neck
  • Defines the jaw line and reduces the sagging effects of aging


Is there any downtime?

As with any procedure, results and reactions are as unique as the individual. Depending on which products are services are required to rejuvenate your look, you may experience slight bruising or mild swelling, however, most patients are able to resume normal activities immediately afterward.

Are the results permanent?

For optimal results, regularly scheduled follow up visits are important to maintain your new look. The volumizing effects of the dermal fillers and neurotoxins start to fade over time, and will occasionally require touch-ups.

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