They’re the corsets of today.

But now, instead of seeing them on the silver screen, they’re popping up on your Instagram feeds.

Everywhere you look, waist trainers — the elastic, Velcro-hooked contraptions — are creating dramatic silhouettes and tiny waists that more and more women want.

“I put it on and it was tight, it was hard to breathe,” user Shianne Gist said. “But, like, I was so excited that I didn’t even care!”

Another waste trainer user, Rachel Ludwig, said she started with a large and is now wearing an extra small. Both girls say waist trainers have given them the feminine curves they’ve always dreamed of.

The product makes big promises.

— Slimmer look

— Instant hour glass figure

But doctors say using the cinchers can be dangerous.

Dr. Dinakar Golla says they’re pinching more than your waistline.

“It can cause issues where your lungs can’t expand properly so you can get more pneumonias or things like that,” he said. “You can actually have issues with your bowels not being able to absorb food properly because of the blood flow. There’s such severe issues related to this. That’s why they got rid of it in the middle ages.”

In 2016, the allure is irresistible again for some. Shianne and Rachel even work out wearing their shapewear.

Cami Taylor, wellness and education director at the YMCA in Steubenville, says that’s a bad idea.

“Never wear it when you’re exercising,” she said.

“There’s clearly evidence showing that your ability to breathe is restricted due to materials like this,” Golla said.

“There’s been actual cases looking at constriction of the kidneys causing renal failure — not being able to urinate because of things like this,” Golla said.

“It can cause chronic heartburn, difficulty breathing, which can lead to fainting,” Taylor said. “It’s definitely an unnatural process.”

The warnings from the experts are clear, but many are still buying into the Hollywood hype.

You know what they say — beauty is pain — but how far are you willing to go?

“It makes you feel confident because like your stomach is all sucked in and you got that instant hour glass shape,” Ludwig said.

“All you think about is that shape you want,” Gist said. “I feel like if I’m seeing physically the hour glass shape, like oh my God, this is awesome. I want this because I feel like that’s the type of look women want.'”

We’ll let you shape your own decision.