Summer is finally here, and it’s high time to kick back and relax. Long, sunny days and warm, starry nights give you ample opportunity to do just that. Unfortunately, your skin may end up paying the price for this seasonal bout of hedonism. So here are some tips to let you keep up with both your fun and your healthy glow.

It may seem like preaching to the choir, but sunscreen really is your best friend. Applying it daily is essential, but slapping it on in the morning and forgetting about it just isn’t enough. You need to keep reapplying throughout the day in order for it to be effective. The rule of thumb is to put on more sunscreen every two hours when you’re outside. Use about a teaspoon for your face, and about as much as would fill a shot glass for your body. If you’re not sure which product is best for you, ask a professional for advice.

Keeping your skin well hydrated is also essential. Use moisturizing products and consider investing in a toner spritz that you can use as needed, especially if you’ll be traveling by air at all this summer. Good hydration also comes from within. So keep up your water intake, and opt for summer produce such as something from the melon family. Melons of all sorts are great sources of antioxidants that will help your body naturally fight off signs of aging and cell damage.

The best offense is always a good defense, and that’s precisely what you’ll find at a skin care professional. You’ll get an expert analysis of your skin and its needs, and you’ll also learn about your options for repairing and improving any damage or signs of aging that have already begun to appear. This is always your best source for solid skincare advice.

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