23 02, 2018

More Than Just a More Youthful Appearance

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When we think of facelifts, browlifts and eyelid surgeries we tend to think about just one of the benefits they hold, which is restoring a more youthful appearance of ourselves. However, there was a new study published this past fall of 2017 in JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery which shows that these popular cosmetic procedures do more than just provide you with a more youthful and attractive appearance. After these surgeries, there's an increased perception of being more successful and healthier. If you’re perceived as being more successful, does this truly affect you? Indeed, it does. It’s been shown that your [...]

25 01, 2018

Enhance Your Facial Structure With Facial Implants

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Facial Implants can improve and enhance your facial contours, transforming your facial appearance. If you’re looking to enhance your facial structure than you may benefit from this procedure. There are a variety of facial implants available and the recovery time for this procedure is very minimal. The procedure itself typically takes only 30 to 60 minutes. You’ll want to schedule a consultation to discuss your desires, but you can read more about facial implants before you do. Chin Implants A chin implant can increase the size and projection of your chin. This procedure would be beneficial for those that feel [...]

10 01, 2018

Erase the Years with Intense Pulsed Light

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Eventually, we all begin to notice that our skin appears less smooth or even-toned than it used to. The sun and other pleasures and stresses of life leave their mark on us. Fortunately, we have advanced technology that can erase some of the years for us. The Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), also called the FotoFacial®, is becoming a popular cosmetic treatment to correct sun spots, age spots, redness and more. What is a FotoFacial®? The FotoFacial® uses a laser light to send energy deep into the skin. It removes cells that produce brown discolorations as well as diminishes tiny blood [...]

6 01, 2017

RejuvaLyft™, Exclusively At The Golla Center

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The holidays may have come and gone for another year, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to give yourself the perfect gift. And what better gift could you give than a chance to look and feel younger without invasive surgery? Better still it’s affordable and quick, performed by a board certified plastic surgeon in a state-of-the-art medical facility. RejuvaLyft™ uses a combination of FDA-approved dermal fillers, collagen stimulant enhancers and neurotoxins or the patient’s own fat cells to reverse signs of aging. There are also additional services included that will tighten, smooth and refresh your skin for immediate, longer [...]

3 06, 2016

How Does Face Lift Cosmetic Surgery Aid In Aging

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If you find that stress, the natural aging process, or hereditary factors have left the skin on your face sagging, lackluster, and wrinkling, a facelift may be right for you. A face lift can bring your skin back up to its youthful stature, and can promote a rejuvenated complexion that lasts up to ten years. A face lift is common for people who have minor to moderate effects of aging, like sagging, creasing, or jowls. Jowls are the droopy appearance of fat deposits in the cheeks and lower jaw. What is Facelift? A face lift is also medically known as [...]

2 04, 2016

What Is A Liquid Face Lift

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Liquid Facelift Pittsburgh The term "liquid facelift" refers to the use of injectable fillers to produce facial rejuvenation. Injections are not necessarily a substitute for surgery.  The goals that can be achieved with volume replacement are very different from those which are achieved surgically.  In many cases patients require both surgery and volume replacement wall in others either one procedure and the other would be best. The liquid facelift is a form of non-surgical facelift, reducing the signs of ageing without any invasive surgical procedures. Treatments are administered to the face via injection, and can be used to fight wrinkles, [...]