13 04, 2018

Choices in Breast Enhancement Procedures

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If you’ve been thinking about having a breast enhancement procedure, you may be wondering about which procedure will give you the look you want. While a consultation with the physician is always the first step, here are some facts about breast augmentation and breast lifts that will help guide you as you make the decision. A breast augmentation is an enlargement of the breasts. This procedure is for women who have naturally small breasts; breasts that have lost volume during pregnancy, breastfeeding, or weight loss; or breasts that are uneven in size and/or shape. During your consultation, your physician will [...]

15 12, 2017

Breast Surgery: A More Self-Confident You for the New Year

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We all search for ways to look and feel our best. Typically, the New Year has us analyzing ourselves more than ever. You begin to think about what you’d like to change, perhaps obtain a new job, eat healthier, go to the gym more or improve our body in some way. Women often visit us to discuss how they’d like to improve the size and shape of their breasts. They look to increase or reduce the size of their breasts or improve lift to restore firmness and shape. Breast augmentation is the surgical placement of breast implants. This procedure is [...]

9 01, 2016

Breast Enlargement with Implants

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Breast enlargement or breast enhancement is a very common cosmetic surgery to augment the shape or size of the breasts. There are two types of implants that are used for breast enlargement namely saline and silicon. Saline implants are placed through a small incision and are composed of silicone elastomer filled with saline water once placed in a correct position. They give a more natural look and feel after enlargement. There could be many reasons for a breast implant like breasts being disproportionate to the size of the body, loss in the breast shape after pregnancy and asymmetry in breast [...]