Unless you’re a medical professional, the mention of lasers probably conjures up images of your favorite science fiction movies with beams of bright, multicolored lights shooting across the screen during a futuristic gunfight. Fortunately, that’s not what happens in your dermatologist’s office. Instead, lasers have become an important, non-invasive component in the fight against a whole range of skincare issues.

Today’s laser-based skincare most often uses light waves that penetrate the surface of the skin to stimulate your own natural collagen production. These are intended mostly for anti-aging treatments that will deliver firmer skin with good texture and fewer wrinkles. There is virtually no downtime associated with these treatments, and the client is able to resume his or her normal activities almost immediately.

Dermatologists also use other types of lasers to target specific client needs. For example, fractional lasers have light that is pixelated and touches your skin in a pattern of tiny dots with untouched spaces in between. They are designed to remove just the surface layer of your skin in those spots that the laser touches, and encourage the healthy skin cells to multiply. There is also a picosecond laser, which uses uber-fast pulses of light to help promote collagen production and actually remodel the structure of your skin. It’s often used to treat pigmentation issues.

What’s important to remember is that different types of lasers, and the intended effects they will have on your skin, will determine your recovery time and aftercare routines. Treatments intended to remove or destroy skin cells generally have a more pronounced effect immediately following your appointment, and may dictate longer recovery times. But when used by a highly trained and highly skilled professional, lasers are one of the least invasive and safest ways to treat your skin’s needs.

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