Advancing the Science of Skin Rejuvenation

SkinMedica® has dedicated years of research to formulate the most advanced skin care products to deliver optimal results for their patients and the physicians who care for them. SkinMedica® uses scientifically proven ingredients to formulate advanced skin care products and the results speak for themselves.
Whatever your skin care needs or challenges may be, you deserve healthier looking skin.
Your skin care professional at The Medi-Spa at Golla Center can determine exactly what your skin type needs are and help combine our products into a personalized regimen that is unique to you.
Optimal Skin Health Is Always Within Reach at The Golla Center.
We are committed to providing only products and services to our clients that have undergone research and clinical data.
Instead of providing quick fixes, our goal at The Medi-Spa at Golla Center, is to promote the long-term health of your skin.

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