We all search for ways to look and feel our best. Typically, the New Year has us analyzing ourselves more than ever. You begin to think about what you’d like to change, perhaps obtain a new job, eat healthier, go to the gym more or improve our body in some way. Women often visit us to discuss how they’d like to improve the size and shape of their breasts. They look to increase or reduce the size of their breasts or improve lift to restore firmness and shape.

Breast augmentation is the surgical placement of breast implants. This procedure is typically used when you’ve lost weight or breast volume after pregnancy. Or if you simply desire a larger cup size.

Mastopexy is the technical terminology for the breast lift. It will restore the firmness and shape of your breasts. If you’re experiencing breasts that have lost their firmness, sag, have a flatter elongated shape or a nipple that points downward or falls below the breast crease, then you may wish to schedule a consultation to discuss if a breast lift is right for you.

A breast reduction may be beneficial if you’re experiencing back and neck pain, skeletal deformities, breathing problems or skin irritation from large, pendulous breasts. This procedure, also called the reduction mammoplasty, is the removal of fat, glandular tissue and skin from the breasts. It will reduce the size of your breasts while making them lighter and firmer. An areola may be reduced during the surgery as well.

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