Some types of hair loss like lack of sleep (bet that new king size mattress for better sleep looks like a good option now) is temporary but if it’s permanent then it’s not something people typically want to talk about. Yet there it is – as plain as the hair that is no longer on your head. Sometimes it happens naturally over time, and sometimes there are more sinister causes. But it can be a devastating development for both men and women alike. Fortunately now you have a number of options to help you fight back against hair loss.

There are some fantastic low and non-invasive options to consider. First of all there is the Laser Therapy Cap. It’s a great option for anyone suffering from excessive shedding, thinning or baldness. The treatment uses a cap that fits over your scalp to deliver medical grade laser therapy. The laser light stimulates circulation in your scalp, and that will deliver more oxygen and nutrients helping to naturally stimulate follicle activity. Another option is Propecia, a daily dose pill that has been in use for over 15 years. It works to lower the levels of the enzyme that promotes hair loss in men. It’s been shown to not only slow down the progression of hair loss but it may actually lead to an increase hair growth.

The more advanced options to combat hair loss have also become less and less invasive over time. For example you may be familiar with the use of microneedling as a skin care therapy. It can also be used in the fight against hair loss. The device uses ultra fine microneedles to deliver hair growth treatments to the deeper levels of your scalp without affecting the surface layer of your skin. It’s another low-invasive option, and there is very little recovery time required. For more advanced hair loss, hair transplant technology may be the best option. But the Scar Less Hair Replacement treatment bears little resemblance to the hair plug transplants of the early days. In this case, individual follicles are harvested and implanted without the need for scalpels or stitches. They are implanted one follicle at a time and give a very natural look, and the recovery time is much faster than you’d think.

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