You’ve probably become accustomed to the idea of using an entire range of dermatological therapies to promote better skin, everything from peels and injectables to lasers and dermabrasion. It’s ironic then that the one procedure that is among the simplest and is nearly pain-free should have such a daunting name.

As skin ages, it tends to thin out. Your body produces less and less collagen over time making your skin thinner. Collagen is the compound your body produces to help your skin heal making this treatment an excellent option for those with scarring or stretch marks, too.

Microneedling is basically a mechanical procedure. Your professional will use a pen-like tool that uses uber-tiny needles to create micro punctures into your skin allowing specially formulated serum to penetrate beneath the surface. Before you cringe, know that a topical cream is spread onto your skin first that will numb the area. Each appointment requires only about a half an hour of your time. Once the area has been treated, your skin will naturally send more collagen into the area making it thicker and reducing any scarring over time.

Depending upon the severity of the issue you’re treating, you may need just a few treatments scheduled about a month apart. Dramatic acne scarring may require more treatments, but generally an annual touch up is all that will be required after the initial treatments are complete. The results of microneedling are very natural and subtle, too. And the procedure isn’t just for faces – it will work anywhere on the body that needs attention.

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