Everywhere you go at the moment, you’re surrounded by the “magic” of the holiday season. Crowds traveling to and fro, ads for gifts that will strain your budget, cooking and cleaning for the guests who are already on your doorstep – in your rush to do your part to support all of this magic, you may be forgetting a very important part of the equation: you. It’s important to make sure you’re up to all of these holiday tasks, and the best way to do that is to schedule a massage.

This is not just an indulgence. Yes, it’s a wonderful way to feel better and be more relaxed, but there are proven medical benefits from massage therapy that will keep you healthier while all of that holiday magic conspires to zap your energy and immunity. Stress and anxiety can have a serious detrimental effect on your health and wellbeing. Alleviating them with massage services is a fantastic, non-pharmaceutical way to approach the issue.

The list of potential benefits goes on and on, too. Digestive disorders, insomnia, headaches and even fibromyalgia can all be addressed with massage therapy services. Trips across slippery parking lots can be treacherous, and the resulting aches and pains are also good candidates for massage therapy relief. And there are even more serious medical issues, such as scar tissue therapy as well as cancer treatment relief, that can find relief in massage.

Keep the magic in the season, and enjoy it too, with professional massage services from the team here at the Golla Center for Plastic Surgery & Spa. With nine locations in Pennsylvania and West Virginia – three of them in the Pittsburgh area alone – you’re never far away. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff and state-of-the-art technology are ready to help you meet all of your beauty goals. Give us a call today on 412-963-6677 to schedule your consultation, or send us an email at info@gollaplasticsurgery.com. If you prefer to instantly make your own appointment, download our convenient app. It’s available for free from iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon.