It’s an unfortunate fact of life that most of us at some point will be faced with an injury or surgery that will result in the formation of scar tissue. It may be from a simple sprain, or from something more complex, but managing the scar tissue that develops during the healing process will be an important step toward regaining full mobility and comfort. The good news is that there’s a form of massage therapy that can be a great help.

Scar tissue is your body’s natural response to injury. It’s made up of collagen, which under normal circumstances would later become healthy new tissue. But when your body puts down a layer of collagen in a random pattern near the injury site, it becomes scar tissue instead. With proper intervention, that scar tissue can be remodeled back into healthy tissue.

Tissue massage of this sort isn’t something that just anyone can do for you. It requires medical knowledge to avoid prolonging your recovery time. Massaging the area too soon can delay your healing. So it’s important to have a medical professional not only assess when you’ll be ready to begin a massage regimen and also follow it through to keep track of your progress.

The actual techniques used are quite similar to more traditional massage services. Using a friction lubricant of some sort, your therapist may use cross friction strokes that run perpendicular to your scar to help realign the collagen into a better pattern. He or she may also use myofascial release techniques that involve using the hands in slow, light motions to massage both your skin and the tissues that lie just beneath. You may also get follow up advice to perform certain stretches in between your appointments to help your body heal itself more completely.

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