There’s nothing quite like the food that you enjoy at the holidays. A particular recipe can conjure up all sorts of memories, and just one sniff of the prepared dish can transport you across the years and miles. Unfortunately, holiday food can also wreak havoc with that healthy lifestyle that you work so hard to maintain. That’s why we’re happy to offer these tips that may just keep you from going too far astray during the holiday season this year.

The biggest pitfall most of us encounter while trying to follow a healthy holiday eating plan is the feeling of being deprived. Some of these foods only appear at this time of year, and the thought of missing out may be just too hard to take. Remember this mantra – don’t deprive but minimize. Choose a smaller plate at the buffet table and take no more than half of the serving size that you would normally take. Eat slowly, and savor every bite. You’ll get the same great taste, but by eating more slowly, you’ll give your brain a chance to catch up with your stomach saying that you’re full. And it will be easier to say no thanks to seconds, too.

Another good idea is to load up on something healthy before heading out, even if heading out means only going as far as the coffee table. High-fiber foods such as raw vegetables or whole grains will help you feel fuller for longer, and that will help you stay true to your vow to eat healthy all season long.

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