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At SkinMedica, we focus on efficacy, our formulations are based on optimal concentrations of active ingredients elegantly crafted into functional products – designed, formulated, and tested for effectiveness. At SkinMedica, our studies are conducted on commercially available formulations. Other companies may assess the efficacy based on one active ingredient, often at a much higher strength than the concentration found in the final product. With SkinMedica, the proof is in the results – both in the lab and on skin.

SkinMedica – the Best Facial in Pittsburgh, PA

SkinMedica products are clinically proven to perform on their own, but they are also designed to work synergistically with each other – and deliver even greater results when used as part of a customized regimen. SkinMedica skincare professionals are extensively trained to create skincare routines that address the unique conditions and challenges of an individual patient’s skin to optimize its health and appearance.


One of the best Pittsburgh Facial options Dr. Obagi’s philosophy is to create & maintain healthy skin for life – for all patients. Our products are formulated & developed to do just that. Guided by Dr. Zein Obagi, a practicing dermatologist, our product development team is constantly reviewing market trends, sourcing new ingredients and formulating products that will provide your patients with visible results.

The dynamic bond between science and skin health is the essence of ZO Skin Health, Inc. Our comprehensive and continuous work in skin health solutions utilize the best of what science has to offer to improve our skin’s natural functions that prevent or resolve many disorders. We look to science for developing products that create and maintain healthy skin for life – for all patients.

Our premier Zo Obagi facial is the ultimate deep cleansing and exfoliating facial. Our clinical Estheticians will use the best of our Obagi products available to give you exactly what you need to leave looking your best. A calming sulfur masque for oily or acne problematic skin will be used to reverse outbreaks or if you need a hydrating refreshing escape the Aloe Hydra Massage Gel and Masque.


The acne facial is specifically designed to treat and prevent active persistent acne breakouts. The acne facial uses specific products from the Zo line created for acne only. The Esthetician will perform extractions and use the Zo line Akntrol acne treatment creams and sulfur masks during the treatment to improve completion and nourish all layers of the skin.

30 min Express or Teen facial $50

The EXPRESS!  Our fresh and fast, facial treatment is designed to remove dead skin cells and rejuvenate dull and dry skin. This is a perfect facial for the on the go or pressed for time client. Our teens love this treatment to purge the skin of clogged pores due to hormones or athletic young faces.


Collagen Eye Treatments-$15 Boost sagging and dull dark circles with collagen infused eye pads used during your masking process for a quick lift and under the eye stimulation.

Collagen Mask $25- The all over collagen mask helps fight the signs of aging and maintain the skins youthfulness. This mask will deeply penetrate into your skin giving you instant results when you leave today.

O’ssential Skin Brightening Mask $25-The skin brightening sheet masque helps skin tone brighten your skin for a fresher, cleaner and more youthful appearance. Green tree extract arbutin aid in the reduction of pigment related issues to help create a more even O’ssential Skin Brightening Mask $25.00-The skin brightening sheet masque helps skin tone.

Offects Sulfur masque-$25 is a natural clay-based formula that delivers maximum strength sulfur medication to treat and prevent acne eruptions on face,neck ,chest and back. Skin hydrators help combat dryness that can occur when using aggressive acne treatments.

Microdermabrasion $25.00

  • Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive procedure that often uses tiny crystals to exfoliate and remove the superficial layer of dry and dead skin cells. Microdermabrasion was developed to improve acnescars, pox marks, and scars from accidents or disease.

Dermaplaning -$30.00

  • Dermaplaning is a simple and safe procedure for exfoliating the epidermis and ridding the skin of fine vellus hair (peach fuzz) . Dermaplaning can be used to treat or reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles, Congested Pores, Milia

Chemical Peels

Peels are designed to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles caused by sun damage and aging. Peels can also be highly effective in treating certain types of acne and hyper pigmentation. All of our peels are customized by our licensed medical professionals.  There are Glycolic and Lactic peels for the sensitive skin types, Salicylic and Jessner for the acne grade clients. Being we are a proud provider of the ZO line by Dr.Obagi  we also carry the Zo- 3 Step Peel kit.

Peels start at $90


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