As we get older, we begin to see the joy and frustration of life leaving their marks on our faces. Frown lines and forehead furrows begin to appear. This can make us seem like we are permanently sad or angry, causing others to misread our emotions and character. Treating these lines will improve your appearance and self-esteem. There are several methods available to treat these lines, and some additional things you should consider to prevent them.

First, let’s discuss what you can do at home to help you prevent further frown lines and forehead furrows. Moisturize your skin daily to keep your skin hydrated, it helps to prevent and conceal wrinkles. Wear sunglasses, this will help prevent you from squinting when it’s sunny. Be sure to get a good night of sleep. Not getting enough sleep causes stress, and stress causes wrinkles. If you smoke, you may want to consider quitting. It causes collagen to break down, causing wrinkles. And, if you are prone to squint or furrow your brows, place a small piece of cellophane tape on your forehead at home, this will serve as a reminder to not squint.

Next, we’ll discuss some of the options available to treat your frown lines and forehead furrows. Soft-tissue fillers will restore volume loss, filling in those wrinkles. There are multiple soft-tissue fillers that we use and we will discuss the options in a consultation appointment. The results can last from 6 months to over a year. Another option is a neuromodulator such as Botox, Dysport or Xeomin. These are treatments that reduce muscle activity and prevent muscle contractions that cause frown lines and brow furrows. These treatments can last up to 4 months.

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