Skin care products are everywhere these days – at high-end department store beauty counters, in the skincare aisle at the drug store, and even next to the boxes of Mr. Bubble at the grocery store. Why then would anyone bother to make a trip to the doctor’s office to buy products that are only available from physicians? Because more often than not, these products are higher quality and pack a more powerful punch than anything you can find elsewhere.

Generally brands available from stores contain lower amounts of active ingredients. This makes them safe for use without medical supervision, and a popular choice for a wider consumer base. While there may be nothing unsafe about these products, they may also not be the best choice for addressing overall skin health and specific skincare needs.

Pharmaceutical-grade products typically can substantiate the claims they make with independent studies. When you combine that with the expertise and supervision of a licensed skincare expert, you’re getting the best possible product along with the best advice for your skin’s individual needs.

But what about the cost? While it’s true that the brands available only from physicians do tend to cost more than what you’ll find on the shelf at your local drugstore, they’re often not as expensive as what you would pay for a product from a department store beauty counter. The reason this is so is actually based more upon marketing than upon active ingredients. It usually costs less for a company to distribute their products through a doctor’s office than it does to work with a large retailer. So you’ll get a higher quality product at a better price, and there’s lots to love about that.

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