Aging and the effects of gravity have a negative effect on the human body making various parts look old, loose and saggy. The eyelids are not excluded from this. bid vs ask The pull of gravity, loss of elasticity and weakening of membranes that hold fat in the eyes in place all result in drooping eyelids and bags under the eyes. Blepharoplasty, can correct the some of the following problems and improve the appearance of the eyes:

•    Folds caused by sagging skin especially on the upper eyelids that may impair vision.
•    Fatty deposits under the eyelids that cause puffiness
•    Under-eye bags and excess skin
•    Sagging bottom eyelids that leave white space visible under the iris.
•    Fine wrinkles on the bottom eyelid

Eyelid surgery is not only used to tighten and smooth the eye area; it can also be used to alter the eye shape. It however doesn’t get rid of dark circles below the eyes or eliminate crow’s feet. To get rid of these problems other plastic surgery procedures such as fillers, forehead lifts and laser resurfacing are usually done together with eyelid surgery.

Preparing for the eye lid surgery

•    Visit our plastic surgeon Dr Golla and discuss the results you want to achieve and any medications you are taking that may affect the surgery. We will also assess your health to determine if you are ready to undergo the procedure.
•    Make sure to bring someone who will bring you home after the surgery
•    Check with us whether your insurance will cover the cost. Though most insurance companies won’t cover plastic surgery procedures, they may cover part, if it is for medical reasons such as when the drooping eyelids adversely affect vision.