Eventually, we all begin to notice that our skin appears less smooth or even-toned than it used to. The sun and other pleasures and stresses of life leave their mark on us. Fortunately, we have advanced technology that can erase some of the years for us. The Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), also called the FotoFacial®, is becoming a popular cosmetic treatment to correct sun spots, age spots, redness and more.

What is a FotoFacial®?

The FotoFacial® uses a laser light to send energy deep into the skin. It removes cells that produce brown discolorations as well as diminishes tiny blood vessels that cause redness of the skin. The IPL also stimulates the production of collagen, this results in tightening of the skin. You’ll leave with skin that is smoother, softer, more even-toned, and tighter. And, it can be used on almost any part of your body, including your hands, feet and neck.

What to Expect

You’ll need to come in for a series of sessions to enjoy a significant improvement. Each treatment you’ll see results. Dark or red spots will begin to fade away before your eyes. There is minimal discomfort after each treatment. You’ll notice skin darkening and mild redness after the procedure, but then it will begin to fade away.

Improve your appearance with a FotoFacial®. You’ll see results after just one session. With nine locations in Pennsylvania and West Virginia – three of them in the Pittsburgh area alone – you’re never far away. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff and state-of-the-art technology are ready to you meet all of your beauty goals. Give us a call today on 412-963-6677 to schedule your consultation, or send us an email at info@gollaplasticsurgery.com. If you prefer to instantly make your own appointment, download our convenient app. It’s available for free from iTunesGoogle Play, and Amazon.