Dr. Golla on Radio Star 100.7 Pittsburgh


Kelly: What’s up? It’s Kelly with 100.7 STAR, and at the end of every week I like to show a little local love to cool businesses in the area helping people out. And, the Golla Centre for Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa obviously make people feel beautiful every day, so who better to join me than Dr. Golla himself, how are you?

Dr. Golla: Excellent, Kelly. Thank you so much for allowing us to join you.

Kelly: Oh, no problem at all. So, today I want to talk about some misconceptions about plastic surgery so hopefully we can squash them for anyone considering coming to see you. So first, what we all think, including myself. Plastic surgery: super expensive, only for the celebrities, not for the regular person, and that’s obviously not the case, right?

Dr. Golla: Definitely not the case. In today’s world we totally understand how important it is to have cost-effective solutions for common problems. Botox can start as low as $99 for a particular area, you can do fillers for a couple hundred dollars, you can do laser treatments for as low as $100. There are so many things that can be done well within $1000 that does not require too much cost, for sure.

Kelly: See, that’s good to know. Another thing I know I think about, is am I going to look like myself when it’s all done or am I going to look plastic and everyone’s… I’m just going to be a walking billboard for everyone’s going to know I had work done.

Dr. Golla: No. One thing I always tell people is ‘you will not look like Joan Rivers, that’s a promise’.

Kelly: [laughter] Bless her heart.

Dr. Golla: I know. Joan Rivers is the exact reason I think most people are scared of plastic surgery. You look at her face and it’s pulled back so tight, it’s artificial, and it does not look like herself. And, unfortunately, that was just poorly, poorly done. I think one of the things we strive for in plastic surgery is we want you to look the same as you are just a little bit better. We want you to embrace the qualities that make you you and just enhance them a little bit.

Kelly: Well, you can’t argue with that. And, a lot of people have this idea that plastic surgery is going to take forever to recover from, and I don’t have the PTO days, and obviously again that’s that not true.

Dr. Golla: One thing that has changed in plastic surgery in the last 10 to 15 years is that plastic surgery has gotten so far away from just surgery. We are now doing so many non-invasive techniques like botox, like fillers, like laser treatment, all with no downtime, low risks, and low costs, which is what people desire.

Kelly: True.

Dr. Golla: Think about back in the day when you thought about facelifts. Facelifts used to have three week recovery. I don’t know anyone in America who can take three weeks off from social schedules, life, and work to get surgery. So, we understand that. And, I think the whole idea is really gearing a plan that makes sense for each person individually that works with them and what they want to accomplish and all different degrees.

Kelly: Well, you sold me, Dr. Golla. I’m not going to lie, I trust you and we’re just having a phone conversation right now. So, if someone else is listening and maybe considering getting a little nip or a tuck or something done right now and want to reach you, how would they do that?

Dr. Golla: Our information is located easily on the web at gollaplasticsurgery.com. We have eight plastic surgery offices throughout Pittsburgh, we’d love the chance to just talk to you casually and get to interact with you.

Kelly: Well, you heard him. Give Dr. Golla a call. Thanks for your time.

Dr. Golla: Thank you for having me, Kelly.

Kelly: It’s my pleasure. It’s 100.7 STAR.