With the end of summer already in sight, it’s time to begin making yet another seasonal transition. Your wardrobe will change and so should your skin care routine. One way to get a fantastic base line for fall is to begin with a clean slate, literally. Dermaplaning is a fantastic way to start out the new season with fresh, clear skin.

The word defines the process – this is a mechanical way to exfoliate the upper most layer of your skin that’s quick and virtually pain-free. A highly trained aesthetician uses an uber fine blade and small upward strokes to remove that dead layer of skin cells clinging to the surface of your skin. It may sound like shaving, but it’s a completely different process that offers a more even penetration of your skin’s surface than other exfoliating treatments can achieve.

Dermaplaning is fantastic for reducing those early signs of aging such as dark spots or fine lines and wrinkles, and instantly leaves behind a smooth, even texture. It’s also a great option for acne sufferers because it reduces the thickness of the uppermost layer of your skin letting treatment products penetrate more easily. By keeping your pores clear with dermaplaning you’ll also be less prone to breakouts. Your make up will go on more smoothly and sit more naturally on your skin, too. Plus, it’s safe to have a dermaplaning service every three to four weeks.

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