The weather has definitely begun to cool off – your garden knows it, and your wardrobe shows it. So don’t let your skin become a billboard for what cooler weather can do, too. Here are few tips to keep in mind as we move into fall and winter that will help your skin look and feel its best.

The first thing to remember about the cooler months is that there is significantly less moisture available for your skin. Not only does cooler air hold less moisture, but central heating and blustery winds both work to steal moisture away from wherever they can find it. Adding more moisturizing to your skin care routine is important, but it can only go so far. Be sure to add these tweaks to really help your skin stay its healthy best.

Switch over to soaps tailored for sensitive skin during the cooler months. Mild, fragrance-free cleansers are your best bet for keeping your skin’s natural moisture barrier intact. And despite the colder temperatures outside, try to resist cranking up the thermostat inside. Put on a sweater rather than raising the temperature, and opt for a shorter, warm shower rather than a long, hot one. Slightly cooler temperatures and durations of 15 minutes or less will strip away less of your body’s naturally protective oils. Consider adding a humidifier to your home or office area. Your skin and your respiratory system will thank you.

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