If you’ve been thinking about having a breast enhancement procedure, you may be wondering about which procedure will give you the look you want. While a consultation with the physician is always the first step, here are some facts about breast augmentation and breast lifts that will help guide you as you make the decision.

A breast augmentation is an enlargement of the breasts. This procedure is for women who have naturally small breasts; breasts that have lost volume during pregnancy, breastfeeding, or weight loss; or breasts that are uneven in size and/or shape. During your consultation, your physician will speak to you about the incision placement for the procedure, the implant size and shape, and the implant type. There are a variety of implant options, and your physician can give you advice for what will look right with your body type and will fit well with your lifestyle.

A breast lift restores the youthful firmness and shape of the breasts. Women choose this procedure to correct sagging, loose skin, misshaping, or poorly positioned nipples or areolas. During the procedure, the physician removes excess skin and tightens supporting tissues so that breasts are firmer and better supported. During your consultation, your physician will discuss incision approaches. These will vary depending upon your individual goals for the procedure and your individual needs.

In some women, a combination of the two procedures is indicated. The physician inserts the breast implants and enhances surrounding tissues for better support.

For both procedures, making the choice to enhance your breasts is a very personal decision. The best procedure for you can only be determined when consulting with your physician about what you want to achieve, taking into consideration your body type and other individual factors. Therefore, a comprehensive consultation is always the first step.

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