What is Liposuction?

Liposuction, commonly just referred to as “lipo,” is a medical procedure that removes excess fat in specified areas of the body. It serves to enhance the contouring and shaping of the area promote a more supple appearance of the skin. Liposuction is a viable procedure for various areas of the body that have excessive fat, including the thighs, hips, abdomen, arms, facial areas, and even the back. It is not uncommon for liposuction to be performed in conjunction with a number of other procedures, including a tummy tuck.

Who is Liposuction for?

The Orange County Liposuction is designed for both men and women are great candidates for the liposuction procedure. Typically, liposuction assists people who have significant excess fat deposits that do not improve or disappear with a healthy diet and exercise. It is not recommended for people who smoke to undergo liposuction procedures. Patients with severe medical conditions or illnesses, or those prone to serious infections, are typically not good candidates for the liposuction procedure as the healing process may be significantly hindered. The surgeon should require that the patient undergoes lab testing or physical evaluations to determine the viability of the liposuction procedure.

The ideal candidate for a liposuction procedure is an adult that is within a 30% range of their “ideal” weight. It’s important to note that a person’s ideal weight may be an objective factor; thus, it is recommended that the liposuction candidate has a healthy self-image and a realistic expectation of the results he or she will experience. Patients with firm, supple skin and healthy muscle tone may experience a faster recovery time and less side effects. The surgeon will consider personal medical history, as well as family medical history, when determining whether an individual is a viable candidate for a liposuction procedure or not. As with any medical procedure, it is crucial for the patient to manage expectations and present his or her goals honestly, in order for the surgeon to be able to align to the patient’s desires.

How is Liposuction Recovery like?

The recovery period for liposuction is similar to that of a tummy tuck procedure in that it requires the patient to wear a compression garment to promote healing and support the operated area. Bandages may be necessary in order to prevent infection and promote additional healing. If necessary, small drains may be attached to incision sites in order to drain blood until proper healing has completed. It is recommended that the patient arranges for a close friend or relative to drive the patient home following the procedure. Our plastic surgeons will instruct you on how to clean and maintain the drains, and will give advice on when the drains will be removed by a medical professional. It’s common for the patient to experience tenderness and swelling for several weeks or months following the procedure. It is crucial to discuss the time frame with your surgeon regarding when normal activity may resume, as the recovery time varies from individual to individual.