We all know that our bodies are made mostly of water, and that having dull, dry skin means that our surface skin cells aren’t getting enough of it. Skin care products often shout about their moisturizing or hydrating effects, but how do you know which of the two is what your skin really needs? There is a difference between them even if we do tend to think that the two words are interchangeable. It all comes down to the process.

Fighting dryness is important for maintaining the health of our skin, and it’s also the best way to stave off the signs of aging as well as repair any damage caused by our environment. Our skin tries its best to do this by building its own special barrier that locks in moisture. But if you have dry, flaky skin, that’s a sure sign that your skin isn’t able to keep up this line of defense. That’s where moisturizers come into play. They create an additional layer to help your skin retain more of its natural moisture by preventing it from evaporating.

On the other hand, addressing the amount of moisture that’s present in your skin is where hydration comes in. If your skin doesn’t have enough water content to begin with, hydrating products will actually catch more water from your environment and direct it right into your skin. When properly hydrated, your skin will be soft and elastic. So the bottom line is that you need to address both moisturizing as well as hydrating. Dry skin that is moisturized but not well hydrated will look dull and feel tight. Dry skin that is properly hydrated but not moisturized will feel rough and may still be flaky.

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