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Tighten Up With Thermage CPT

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It happens to all of us sooner or later. Our skin loses its elasticity and begins to wrinkle or sag, and you’ll notice the appearance of fine lines here and there. And some of us also have to endure the onset of cellulite, which can occur at nearly any time without celebrating more birthdays than you care to remember. Fortunately there’s a non-invasive treatment that can help solve all of these issues – Thermage CPT – and it’s got a fantastic track record.

In the past ten years, more than 2500 physicians have performed the procedure on more than one million patients in over 80 countries. It’s a fantastic solution for problem areas like sagging skin and cellulite just about anywhere on your body – eyes, jowls, neck, belly, arms, bottom, and even that annoying bit just above your knees.

This is not a laser treatment. Thermage CPT uses a form of radio frequency energy that works to both tighten up the existing collagen in your skin while also stimulating your skin to produce even more collagen. This one-two punch makes your skin tighter and smoother in appearance with a completely non-invasive procedure. You’ll even see natural-looking results from just a single treatment with virtually no down time afterwards. Even better still, you’ll see continued improvement in the days and weeks following your treatment as your body produces more collagen, and these results can last for years.

The medical team here at the Golla Center for Plastic Surgery & Spa can help you turn back the clock and discover smooth, tight skin once more with Thermage CPT services. And with nine locations in Pennsylvania and West Virginia – three of them in the Pittsburgh area alone – you’re never far away. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff and state-of-the-art technology are ready to help you meet all of your beauty goals. Give us a call today on 412-963-6677 to schedule your consultation, or send us an email at If you prefer to instantly make your own appointment, download our convenient app. It’s available for free from iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon.


Everything You Need To Know About Thermage

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Thermage is a non-invasive, safe product which helps in tightening and smoothening contour skin, giving the user a younger appearance overall. It stimulates the natural renewal of collagen, which helps with the treatment and also assists in delivering natural looking results with no downtime on the face, body, colors and forehead.

Thermage procedures effectively and safely treat fine lines and wrinkles on majority of the body parts including the thighs, the hands, tummy and buttocks. It also helps in smoothening the uneven and dimpled skin on the body and temporarily reduces the appearance of cellulite.

Thermage Skin Tightening

Unlike most of the other procedures, thermage treatment will deliver results in a single treatment for majority of the patients. When it comes to wrinkle treatments, thermage is the only non invasive procedure available in the market. The thermage treatment depends on who is getting it and when; the average treatment is about 45 minutes for the face and up to 90 minutes for other body parts but it depends on the size, condition or location of the area that has to be treated. Thermage is a very short procedure and it is a single treatment- it fits well in any person’s busy lifestyle.

How does Thermage work?

The thermage treatment uses radiofrequency technology to heat the deep, collagen rich layers of the skin. The heat helps in remodeling the existing collagen and producing new collagen, which greatly helps in smoothening the texture of the skin and its surface.

Thermage involves no surgery or injections. There is little to no downtime involved. Thermage works on all types of skin both on and off the face. It goes below the surface and treats the problem effectively. It does so by heating the innermost layers of the skin- it is the most effective at renewing collagen, which smoothens the skin and makes the person look younger.

The results of Thermage appear immediately; they are visible right away. They appear over time in the course of the body’s natural collagen rebuilding process. For majority of the patients, measurable results appear within 2-6 months after a single treatment session. The results can however appear depending on the aging process and skin condition.

The biggest benefit of Thermage is that it is a well-known treatment for skin tightening and reducing fat and producing collagen. The procedure delivers excellent and immediate results. Thermage usually last for over 18 months and the maintenance treatments are necessary as a person ages. Another major benefit of Thermage is that it is a onetime procedure and therefore, there is no discomfort involved and no after care either. It is plain, simple and safe and is used to tighten the skin. It is very useful around the abdomen, face and eyes.

Overall, Thermage is a great procedure for treating your skin. It is a non invasive procedure which delivers results right away. It is a onetime procedure that comes without any discomfort and is great for treating the area around the abdomen, face and eyes.